About us

BaribalPoland - We produce tactical, expedition and every day carry equipment. In our range of products there is, for example, kidney bags, organizers EDC, shooting enthusiasts equipment, wide range of cargo pouches, gear accessories. We further increase our range by inventing new projects, introducing more colors and camouflages in stock. For those who are passionate about tailoring, we have flexibility to create your own equipment.

Our main aim is to make the best quality products, that are marked as well-made and made of the best quality materials. All our products are all made to the highest standards to meet the demands and requirements of our customers, who want to support polish economy. In our projects we use only practical solutions and specially selected materials mostly coming from polish producers.

We know that our customers might have diverse needs so we offer personalized configurations based on our standard products. We want everyone to enjoy the equipment matched to their own needs. Our innovative configurator is a unique solution in the EDC market, with tactical tailoring, allowing quick and easy adjusting of equipment.

Thanks to our experienced staff and our modern tailoring workshop, we can be proud of our products, which are considered desirable by our exacting users. Our products are approved by special service officers, army, police, paramedics, shooting instructors, hunters, and others who love outdoors, bushcraft and survival. We would like to encourage everyone to view those reviews, videos and photos made by our users, which are easily available on the internet.