Privacy policy

  1. Using the Online Shop means accepting the privacy policy.
  2. The Administrator of all the personal information’s voluntarily provided is the Seller.
  3. Personal data are protected in accordance with the provisions of regulations of Act about personal data protection.
  4. To ensure proper functioning of the Online Shop, the Seller collect and process the Customer personal data only for statistical purposes and in order to do the professional Online Shop Service.
  5. In case a customer agreed to an electronic service which involves receiving Newsletters, a customer email address is being added to the list of emails and it is used for marketing purposes to send a customer a commercial information in the form of the Newsletter.
  6. The collected personal data are not shared with third party, except sending personal data to any specified person who takes a part in the order realization in order to deliver ordered goods to the customer.
  7. A Customer is allowed to view their personal data and to change them.
  8. The Seller will do everything to protect customers' personal data and to make sure no third parts can view them.
  9. The Seller uses Cookies, which are saved by ICT system in ICT system. of customers (computer, phone or any other that had been used to connect with the Online shop), while viewing the Online Shop and allow to identificate a user in case of reconnecting with the Online Shop from the devices that they had been saved on, in the future.
  10. Cookies collect information’s about using the Online Shop, in order to ease the use of the Online Shop, adapting the website to the needs and expectations of the user, noticing customer's actions as part of Online Shop.
  11. Cookies are used after acceptation. The specified system settings can allow Cookies to be used, for example internet browser used in a device, that is used to browse the Online Shop website.
  12. A User can also limit or cancel Cookies in their Internet browser by changing the settings in that browser, to block Cookies or to warn the user whenever Cookies might be saved on their device that it used to browse the Online Shop website. After that, it might be possible that using the Online Shop can be less efficient , the User might not be allowed to see some information’s, and in extreme cases it might be completely blocked the proper displaying the Online Shop website.

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