Zawieszenie do broni 1-2pkt 50mm


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Decent sling.

1. The materials and the sewing on the sling are perfect.
2. It is long enough even for a giant dressed in winter clothing
3. It is comfortable due to the wider webbing
4. It is a "push to lengthen", closed loop design, which I personally prefer
5. The adjustment loop is wide and easy to maneuver
6. As the webbing is flexible it allows it to be a slimmer profile, for better adjustment, and does not catch on things.

So, my conclusions:
1. If you only plan to use it as a 1 point sling it is very comfortable.
2. As I use it in 2 point configuration I consider cutting the 1 point male buckle that allows the 1-2 point modification and reattach it in a easy on easy off fashion(via triglides, not sewn) so that it will better suit me and my use.
3. I would recommend that a even more basic configuration exist as an option. One in which the sling does not have any side release buckles on the front part, simply a 1 inch webbing with triglides on both ends.

So, al in all a more than decent sling and I will definitely recommend this sling to friends.

Świetna robota

Zawieszenie wykonane zgodnie z moją prośbą sprawuje się bardzo dobrze. Jeśli chodzi o jakość, to słowa uznania, wykonanie z największą starannością.

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