Strap 100cm

Product features
  • Width - 2,5cm
  • Length - 100cm

9,00 zł

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Durable strap made of high quality materials. It is adjustable on one side. Strap tightens and does not loosen. Buckles ITW NEXUS and quadruple seam strap guarantees the maximum strength.When we have to improvise,strap can be as trouser belt.

Product grade

Trok 100cm zaciskający, do karimaty, śpiwora

bardzo dobry produkt, zgodny z oczekiwaniami, nasza produkcja

Perfectly simple

High quality YKK buckles, great strap material and nicely melted ends to prevent fraying. 8 zloty is 1 strap, so 16 zloty for a pair, but still a very good price!

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dark olive
Extend up to 200cm
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